Hey Guys!

Welcome to my blog, where I post weekly on some of my favorite topics. Cooking and Christ! Two things couldn’t go better hand in hand! I also share some of my day to day life with you guys, give helpful tidbits on how to deal with stress, coworkers, or even frustration.

I created this blog as a fun outlet to let my creative energy out in hopes that my stories and advice can help you guys out in your day to day lives. So subscribe, sit back and enjoy the read!!

 5 Facts About Me:

  1. Born and raised in Sunny California!
  2. Occupation: Culinary Specialist
  3. Favorite means of transportation: Amtrak Train
  4. Pescetarian( I do not consume meat but receive protein through fish & crustaceans)
  5. I enjoy running, biking, hiking, painting, and adventure seeking!! 🙂

All the best!,


Janelle Joy



Psalm 119:105~ Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.